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Friday, 26th October, 2001.

Hi Spud,
I'm Gabby, your big sister. I wrote this page for you when our mum was about six weeks away from having you.
Just to let you know when you are born I will be nearly ten, so I will not have much time to play with you. BUT of course I will still come and see you because you are my brother.
Love you millions
Love from


O.K. It's gabby i'm writing here for I don't know how to get on to write on "messages from Gabby".Well Conn now your here I don't know what I'd do without you I luv you sooooooooo much I couldn't think of life without you.I remember the first day when I found out mummy was pregnant,I WAS COMPLETLEY THRILLED.But I don't understand how Daryl found out before I even knew you existed unless Lyn told her.Well all I can really say is I luv you and I don't know what I'd do without you,mum or dad. loads of luv from your big sister Gabby Eine Kleine Mickey Maus, Geht zum Connell Haus, Klingelt, Kloft an, Oeffnet, Und Geht rein. One little Mickey Mouse, Went to Connell's house, Ring the bell, Knock the knocker, Open the door, And lets go in.

But Daddy knows how to edit this page ...

Daddy's still not told me how 2 write on messages from me any way Conn DOES have hair & 3 teeth

Well, as usual ... send me a note!

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