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Blast from the past

I met at the anniversary day some German Soldiers from the past (Standarte Grossdeutschland) who looped through a wormhole into the present time .....
Not really - those are re-enactors who were really friendly and agreed to stand for a picture. More are on my picture pages :-)

Y'Vette, Goetz and Gabby are now joined with a new "Spud" who arrived on December 11th, 2001
02:17 Hrs
53cm in length, 33cm headsize, 3.36kg in weight.

He is grown in the meantime and we will add the latest news as well:
He is about 80 cm big, weighs about 20Kg AND got all tooth through. He also needs urgent a barber for a haircut.
He started also his "big boy" school in September! Of course he got a schoolcone!
Today (October 28th 2007, he had his Badger Promise taken.

This is a work in progress, please check back frequently for new material!
Daddy said he is going to put more pictures up and they are more recent ....

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