Hallo my boy ....

I don't know which language I should choose, as you are the result of two "tribes".
However, as you will see did I choose english.
There is no way to give my proudness of your existence any words. The most nice bit is that I may have someone to carry on the family and be the first step of a new dynasty.

I am really looking forward to teach you all the german stuff and get the chance of having the two of you, ie. your sister and you for some exicting days to explore the Highlands.

I cannot wait to show you off to your german clan, as you have met already all the british ones. Especially to XOmi Lieschen & Omi Elke & Uncles Knut + Gerd & Aunties Sabine + Susanne & XAuntie Rita.

Now have you been to Germany and you really enjoyed it (have a loook into your picture book). They were all soooooo xited to see you little man. As you can see did you have had most fun with your X-Omi. You were really going after her watch to sell it at the Barras (Note: This is a permanent Glasgow flee market. Rumours say you can buy here anything).
I am sure Uncle Gerd will be your playpal next time .
You have met Uncle Ulli and he will see you soon at your home.
Unfortunally didn't you make it to the other mates from me, but next you will meet them as well and then you might dane and sing for them and only for Omi Elke??

And Daddy can soon show you (and the world) a little suprise (hopefully). well, even Mum does like it to a degree :-)

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