My first visit to Germany!

Yes, finally! I am in Germany and thought I escaped the camera - no way. So enjoy the pictures taken, as I gave in and enjoyed them being taken. However, I'll be back and see all those nice people who i have missed out this time and have some pictures with my Godfather Ulli taken ....

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Arrival at Omi's ....

drunken on chair
I had a toast on my arrival .... or was it only hot??
hehehehe...and now have a pee!!
Soooo big
Omi was really suprised how grown up I am already .......

Meeting the rest of the clan!

Starring at
What are you looking at? Yes I have no hair ...nor has Daddy!!
Being eastern europish
I'll get at least 50,-- for the watch ...
troll lion
If I pull hard enough ....
shaking lion troll
.... okay I believe it ...NO WIG!!
layed back
So soft those "cushions" ....
Look Omi ... I have to eat my feet ...soooooooooo hungry .....
This is where my Great-Granddad rests ....
still morbid
Dad showed it to me ....
"toucha my car I smasha your face..." ...
I have to show Uncle Knut my new tooth ...
What is so special about those QVC-thingies .....????
Pulling hair
I could bet it's a wig .... but it really good glue!!!
Germany is losing the football-thingie, so I prefer to play with Omi ...
Omi pushing
What? Tired? Was only 4,5 KM at 22% .....WIMP!!
hahahaha ... you call THAT a fire!?!?!?!?.
And then he said I am greedy ......
Okay....for the last time ..... I am leading!!!
Don't turn around ...the fire is still pathetic ....
Gerd & Sabine
Hallo, I am Connell ....
Gerd & Sabine
Uncle Gerd tries to translate ....*giggle*
Gerd & Sabine
Now he looks a bit sceptic ...but i haven't farted .....
Gerd & Sabine
Now.....does he feel the warm and wet?? April fool .....
Gerd & Sabine
Okay, I want back to Auntie ....
Gerd & Sabine
Why not straight away??
This is me shopping .....move .. move ...
On the ferry
Well, this was the last impression ....let's get off in Newcastle then ...

As you see, my sister enjoyed the stay as well ... maybe a little TOO much Bucks Fizz???

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