Alright, let me introduce myself... I'm "Spud" the soon-to-be-baby of Goetz and Y'Vette, and brother or sister to Gabby.

At the moment, my favourite pastimes are Kung Fu, (Mum LOVES me practicing!), disco dancing (on Mums bladder), and kicking Daddy in the back when they're trying to sleep! Now, another thing I found GREAT fun a few weeks ago, was when they took me to have my "big" scan... you know, the one where they say you have the best chance of finding out the sex? Well, I'd heard Mum & Dad going on about HOW excited they were, and couldn't wait to find out if I was a "Spud" or a "Spudess"... Hehehehe... Yeah, you guessed it... I made SURE to keep my knees up and my legs together! So they're STILL none the wiser! I have to say, Mum got PRETTY annoyed with me for that one, she went on and on about it... still does in fact!

OK, so I decided to give them a break... when they took me for my "sizing scan" on October 23rd, I let Dr R. (the lady who does the scans) have a "peep" so that she could tell Mum and Dad that I'm a BOY!!

Now I am at home, I really enjoy playing with my sister she loves playing "Mickey Mouse" with me, and always wants to cuddle and kiss me.

Eine kleine Micky Maus,
geht zum Connell Haus.
klopft an,
und geht rein!

I am now living in England. It is so exciting here. There is a Spuddie-Group where I go to play and excercise. And I go to school twice a week. Of course I pretend I like the bebe group but if no-one looks I am sneaking to the big-boy group ....

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