Here is the pictorial history of Spud!

Here are the scan pictures, ranging from the first scan at 6 weeks, right up to present, and also the first indication of the "Spud-to-be" - i.e. the positive pregnancy tests! And also some other newer pix, as well!
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These are my first pictures!

8 weeks scan
Here's spud looking like a little tiny new potato between the + signs at 8 weeks 1 day
11 weeks scan
...and at 11 weeks 1 day, WHAT a difference!
19 weeks scan
Here he is looking straight at us at 19 weeks 1 day

These are my first 3 month pictures!

Finally out
He is out .... FINALLY!!
We respect the privacy of the hospital staff, which is why their faces are blanked out
It's  me Connell
And this is me
Connell & his sister
1st bath
My first bath
Daddy altered this picture to stop the pervy-paedos' getting their jollies!
I am noozy
Okay, I am tired now ... night,night
I am still noozy
I count bunnies, not sheeps ...
splish splash
I really enjoy my splish-splash
Look at me ... I am SUPER-SPUD
I am thinking...not sleeping, honestly
Cap Pic
I like Daddy holding me ...but who's taking the picture??
And I really like my new chair ...
Fleur & Alisson
Was this doggie always there??
Do the twist ....
Joe Louis lost against me!!
What else do I have to say? FOOOOOOOOD!
Hallo Nanna Elke! You know this one? Two irishmen go into a bar ...
And according to Einstein, two points in universe are this far away ....
I have really funny dreams ....
My first "german breadbagday" when germans wear breadbags all day long, until they swap at 1800Hrs to berets (well, at least daddy says so ...)
"Look in my eyes babe ....."
Execuse me, I am naked ....
Do you not have manners? I told you before ....
Just getting used to it ....when I get my CORVETTE for cruisin' ....
Yes, we DO have sun here .... well, occasionally.
This is me starting to turn over ....
.... done!!!
"So Uncle Gary, about quantum physics..."
karen & marge
Aunties Karen & Marjery who looked after me and mum in my developing days ..

My holidays in Germany!!

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